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Clients approach the Oritor Services to engage us in discussions around a number of areas they are looking to transform in their businesses. 

Our many years of experience in areas such as sales, marketing, operations, technical, design and deployment means we can offer individual focussed consultancy or a full strategic planning through to delivery and execution of company-wide projects.

How Oritor Can Make a Difference to Your Business

The following examples show where Oritor Services can make a difference to your business:-

Strategic Direction

Working with clients to assist in developing solutions for today’s markets. Creating the solution that takes an idea and seeing how it should be taken to market areas such as:

  • Operational model – Hosted v Premise Based
  • Channel Strategy – Direct v Indirect
  • Pricing Models – Outright Sale vs Pay as You Go


Assisting clients in designing or re-designing how they may transform their businesses to deliver on a particular strategic direction the company has chosen to take:-

  • Operational transformation – Call Centre to Contact Centre
  • Company Structure – Customer Support/Services
  • Accreditation – PSN, IL2/3, ISO how should these work for you


Whether high level early day design assistance, deployment support or post deployment Quality Assurance services these are just some of the consultative areas we can assist in:-

  • High Level Design – Integration to existing infrastructure or new green field solutions
  • Technology decisions – Linux ? Windows ? VMware ? Click here for more information
  • Quality Assurance – Having designed a solution cost of ratification vs deployment not working out as originally planned?


In each area our consultative engagement would assess strategic/operational needs and work through to deliver recommendations on solutions, technologies and methods of deployment. Full reports of ‘as is’ (if not totally greenfield) and ‘expected outcome’ are generated to the detailed agreed level.

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